Educators’ Gathering

I have been participating in a once-a-month Sunday school class at North Valley Friends Church. Jared and I have been discussing the idea of getting a group of educators together for over a year now. We agreed that we wanted to study Parker Palmer’s The Courage to Teach together, but we needed to wait for the right time when we could devote the time to it. When our Christian Education committee hit upon the idea of once-a-month Sunday school classes for adults, I knew that the educators’ group would be the first one to go. We completed our second session yesterday. Yesterday, we had a Psy.D. prof, a high school liteature teacher, a theater prof, a high school spec. ed. teacher, an elementary music teacher, a middle school science teacher, a pastor, a not-in-service elementary teacher, a sixth grade core teacher and me.

Jared and I figured that we have a pool of about 30 teachers to draw from in our congregation, which is a large number. I was blessed by our gathering. I look forward to helping to build a good community of educators at NVFC. I also believe that the structure of meeting once a month will have quite a bit of appeal to folks that don’t normally come during the Sunday school hour.

More to come.

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