Wonder of Wonders (information technology version)

Last Sunday, I met with a group of men at NVFC interested in information technology. This was the inaugeral meeting of an envisioned, once a month Sunday school. Original questions that were posed for examination by the group included:

  • How do Christians live with integrity in the digital environment?
  • How can we learn how to use technology tools for fun, service, profit, ministry, etc.?
  • How aging baby boomers relate to Gen Xers and younger folks?
  • What are the dangers and opportunities inherent in the virtual environment?
  • Is it possible to do distributed Christian Education though web-based platforms?
  • How can we use web-based tools for expanding opportunities for conversations within and without the community?
  • Who can we share some of our fascination with media with others?
  • How can we use web-based tools for critiquing culture and engaging our non-Christian friends and neighbors in that activity?
  • What opportunities exist for mentoring, service?

I envisioned an ongoing conversation and possibly a plan of work which allows us to work in a distributed format using technological tools on both mutually-agreed upon objectives and also areas of individual passion to share with one another. I will report back to you from time to time about how this venture is going.

On a related front, you may want to check out the development of a presentation for the 2007 TCC conference which I am working on with some colleagues at George Fox University. Go here to visit the development site.

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