“I am still where I have always been.”

Yesterday, Lynn began a sermon series that she and Stan are delivering on the I am statements of Jesus.  This sermon was dense, bringing a lot of information, both background about the culture within which Jesus was living and working, and on the concept of I am itself and what that meant for the Jewish people.  This opening sermon dealt with the dialogue that Jesus was having with religious leaders and teachers.  This account is related in John, chapter 8.

Prior to the sermon, during our open worship time, a thought occurred to me which was affirmed by the sermon.  I thought of that story of the couple who had been married a number of years.  They owned an old pickup with a bench seat.  While driving one day, they noticed a younger couple with a newer pickup next to them at a stop light.  The women, who was in the passenger seat, glanced over and saw the young couple sitting close together in the truck.

“Remember when we used to sit that close?”  she asked her husband.

“I do,” he said.

“What ever happened to that?” the wife inquired, “why don’t we sit that close anymore?”

The man, with both of his hands on the steering wheel, and his eyes on the road replied, “I am still sitting where I’ve always sat.”

It makes me wonder how often I call out to God and say, “Where are you, Lord?  Why aren’t we as close as we used to be?”

He replies back to me, “I am still where I have always been.”

Lynn shared with us that the concept of I am implies an eternal state of being, more than I am today, but that God is who he has been and who he will be, as well.  Now, I may not be able to explain that real well, but I do have a picture of the couple on the front seat of the pickup with the driver saying, “I am still sitting in the same place”.

Lord, I am going to move closer to you.  I am glad that your hands are on the wheel and that your eyes are on the road.  I am also glad that no matter how far I have moved away or how much I have ignored you, you are waiting for me to come back close to you.  I am grateful.

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