Two engaging meetings

I had the opportunity to participate in two engaging meetings this morning. Early this morning, I meet with my co-authors for the presentation that we are developing for the TCC conference. This conference, which is hosted by the the University of Hawaii. Technology, Colleges and Community “is a worldwide online conference designed for university and college practitioners”. The dates for the conference are April 17-19. I have participated and presented about four times previously and highly recommend it. The price is right too, about $70 for a three day conference; and no hotel, transportation or food costs. If you are interested in working in the online environment, this would be a great conference to attend. The conference site is here. A great resource is an archive of previous conferences, found here.

We had eight people participating in the meeting this morning. The meeting was conducted through the use of IVocalize, which is an online web conferencing tool. You can demo the product at their site.

IVocalize Page

We used a combination of voice, text chat, a whiteboard with slides and synchronous browsing to share information and make plans. Our development team is using a google group site to work on the project. You would have to ask my colleagues what their level of satisfaction was with the meeting. I found it to be just what we needed to all “be on the same page” on our project. And considering we have two from the Bay area in California, two in southern Oregon, several here in Newberg, Oregon, one in central Oregon and one in Portland, we had no opportunity to meet face-to-face.

The second meeting was a Friends meeting for worship, held in Second Life. This was my second meeting in the last month with Friends in Second Life. If you are not familiar with Friends, visit here and here. QuakerQuaker is emerging as an important recourse for me. This site is a collection of Quaker blogs and news. I recommend it. My friend Ruby, who I met at the worship meeting several weeks ago has a blog entitled Ruby Third-Day.

In the meeting for worship today were about 15 people. And quite a diverse group. We had people from many different geographic areas and backgrounds. I was encouraged by our time together. At the conclusion of the meeting for worship, we had a discussion, led by Bromo Ivory. If you are in Second Life, look up the Religious Society of Friends. The discussion led to the development of an agenda for a business meeting which will be scheduled following a meeting for worship. One of the main items of concern in the discussion was the onset of voice communication in SL and concerns over that.

It is amazing to me that in both of the meetings that I have mentioned, I experienced a sense of place and presence and community. I wonder about others and what the experience was like for them. I know from my work in teaching online courses that many students do not like the asynchronous text-based system we use because it prevents them from being in real time f2f communication with others. I realized today, from listening to others after the worship meeting that there are some people that actually prefer the chat environment as the separation in distance allows them to have space and a measure of anonymity which they desire, due to their “otherness”.

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