Had to cry today

I thought of one of my old favorites on Saturday morning.

It’s already written that today will be one to remember
The feeling’s the same as being outside of the law

Had to cry today
Well, I saw your sign and I missed you there

This is Had to Cry Today, written by Steve Windwood and recorded by Blind Faith in about 1969.  What prompted my memory was the frustration and sadness that I experienced in not being able to get to our meeting for worship in Second Life.  This is the first time I have had log in problems with SL and it was unexpected and disappointing.  At one point, I was able to log on, but all I could see was blue space surrounding my avatar, like I was in some kind of fog.  I could tell that my friends were online, but it was during a time of silence and I was not inclined to test my capabilities my barging in on the group with a chat message or IM.

After 30 minutes or so of trying, I moved on to other activities.  I had a fruitful day of pruning shrubs, playing with kids and visiting with my friend, Roy.  I also reflected on my emotional response to being unable to attend our meeting for worship.  I realized that my sadness was akin to what I would feel if I were on my way to worship on Sunday morning in my car and experienced a breakdown or a detour that got me close enough to see the meeting house, but not close enough to get there.  I am sure that I would miss my friends, our worship and fellowship in our physical space as I did in our SL space.

We made it to the North Valley meeting house on Sunday morning.  I participated in the second meeting of our technology group.  We had a good discussion and agreed on a couple of items for business, including the development of a seminar series in the fall through our Wednesday night with Friends program.  The series will feature technolgical tools applied  to the problems and situations of those in our congregation.  Problems and situations involving communication, information gatherings, serving others and learning will be investigated.  More on that later.

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