Yesterday morning I attended a meeting at the Helicon Opleidingen, an agricultural university in the Netherlands. I was joined by Joop van Schie, a dutch educator; Peter Bunus, a computer science professor from Sweden and a group of his students; and by Angela Graat, of the Helicon. Angela was our host and directed the meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to give Peter and his students a tour of the facilities and to learn about how the facilities are being used by the Helicon for instruction in agriculture-related subjects. A highlight of the tour for me was my ride on the mechanical bull. I stayed on for twenty seconds and took quite a fall at the end of the ride.

I met Joop several weeks ago, as a result of me sharing a little about myself in an email list that I subscribe to. We have met several times since then. We share similar backgrounds in vocational technical education. You may be wondering about how I could get away from Newberg on short notice to go to a meeting at a Dutch University. That is the most interesting aspect of this. My meeting was all done on the Internet through Second Life. This medium has allowed me to become acquainted with and establish relationships with educators literally from around the world. And, as I have written about before, I am getting acquainted with Friends from around the world as well, through this same medium.

I will try and take a couple of pictures the next time I ride the bull and share them with you.

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