Long time since Sunday

I’m in San Antonio and on Tuesday evening and it seems like a long time since Sunday. I am attending the SITE conference with my George Fox colleages, Sean McKay and Eloise Hockett. Sean and I presented today on the use of wikis in our courses. Eloise presented on the e-mentoring project that she and Gary Kilburg are running for first-year teachers.

I have not left the hotel and conference center yet. First off all, the presentations and people are awesome, second, the weather has been rainy. However, I intend to see the Alamo and the Riverwalk area tomorrow.


My flight in yesterday was like a roller coaster, as we spent about 45 minutes flying through a thunder storm. I was worn out after that experience. Today has been wonderful. I sat in strong presentations on digital story telling, staff development, collaboration and reform in teacher education. I visited with people from Canada, England, South Africa, Kansas and Malaysia. A highlight for me was meeting Geoffrey Shakwa, who works with NIED in Namibia. Geoffrey was here to receive an award from SITE for Namibia’s efforts in integrating ICTs in their education system. NIED is the research and development arm of the Namibian Ministry of Education.


I have had quite a bit of time to reflect on our sermon on Sunday and would like to share a few thoughts about that in my next post. Cherice brought the message and it centered on the I am the vine statement of Jesus in John 15. Stay tuned.

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