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Celebrating Connections: QuakerQuaker Blog Carnival

April 19, 2007

While I have not been as active as some, nor have I been as focused on addressing Quaker concerns in my posts, I have certainly appreciated the connections that are available through QuakerQuaker. Before I discovered this wonderful community/utility, I was unaware of the scope and depth of thought coming from blogging Friends. Indeed, before QQ, I was somewhat convinced that my efforts at writing and reading blog posts were bearing meager fruit.Since I’ve discovered QQ, I have been refreshed daily, as well as challenged by Friends of all sorts and in all places.

Regarding my discovery of QuakerQuaker, its an interesting story. I happened to be reading the blog “The click heard around the world”. This blog features many aspects of technology, development, and justice and is authored by Rik Panganiban. Several months ago, Rik wrote about a Friends meeting for worship in Second Life. I was intrigued and have been attending, when I can, ever since. As a result, I met other Friends who blog and are hooked into QuakerQuaker. I have become hooked in, as well, and greatly appreciate you all!


Dappled light

April 7, 2007

Here is a shot taken along the walking path at North Valley Friends Church. My friend, Wes and I walked along the path on Good Friday.

Friday was the perfect spring day in Newberg. We went to North Valley to walk on the path and participate in the Good Friday meditation walk. The weather was very nice and we strolled along the path in a leisurely manner. I appreciated the meditation stations that had been set up. Each station featured a specific “I am” statement of Jesus, with a brief discussion statement and a question for reflection. See a small collection of pictures taken on the path here.

An added bonus for me was that we met Debbie, my girls and Annamarie, our daughter-in-law, who were walking the path in the opposite direction. I am thankful for the life I have and for my family and friends and for the community we have through Christ.