Back on the Trail

Late summer in Newberg brings a hint of fall in the morning air. I felt the cool breeze this morning, even though the temperature has risen to the mid-80s this afternoon. With fall comes the beginning of a new academic year, and the opportunity to begin anew the academic cycle. There are all sorts of opportunities out there and many projects pending. What is left for today is to make preparations for courses and wrap up several summer writing projects.

A2Z had become a significant venue for me in the spring and I expect to be back this fall. As I have reflected on my lack of contributions to this space over the summer, I realize that lack of purpose, lack of time and lack of organization all have contributed to the lack of words. I am rethinking the purpose this week, I am working on the time allocation and also on becoming more organized in my approach to my writing.

I look forward to sharing with you here on a regular if infrequent basis.

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2 Comments on “Back on the Trail”

  1. Johan Says:

    I’ll be eager to see what you write. (No pressure, whatever you put here will be fine!)

  2. sheadley Says:

    Thanks, Johan. Are you folks in Russia, now?

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