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Scot and Sean at Educause

October 26, 2007

Poster Session on Flickr – Photo Sharing!  Annotated

  • I had a great time working with Sean on this project. He did all the work and I learned along with him. Thanks, Sean! – post by sheadley

Ms. Generosity

October 16, 2007

This past Sunday began a sermon series at North Valley regarding generosity. Lynn told the Creation story as she would with children, using Godly Play methodology. Stan concluded the service by asking us to reflect on generosity. I was unsure as to whether to speak from the silence, but I am sure now. I would like to share a little bit about one of the most generous persons I know. I am writing about my wife, Debbie. Debbie is generous with her time, her skills and her attention. She was prepared as a labor and delivery nurse and worked as an RN for several years. She has made a career out of raising her family over the last many years. She structures her days and weeks around building a learning and caring atmosphere for her children. She has helped our family see the benefit of expanding our numbers by adoption, which has been a huge blessing, three times over. In addition, she directs her energy in serving the community through the social concerns committee at North Valley. Debbie has great skill at organizing and she is most generous in sharing this. From sustaining a long-running book club, to planning curriculum for our home-schooled children to planning and delivering meaningful community events, such as Common Ground, Debbie is most generous with her time and skills.

I would like to add that I am the recipient of Debbie’s generosity over and over again. She plans a weekly menu that allows our family to have a home cooked meal together about six nights a week. She plans birthday parties and holiday events that make great memories for all of us. And, she is generous with her forgiveness and patience, which often are directed at me. I must say that I am a blessed man to have a wife like Debbie. Her commitment to generosity has helped us be more generous, as well. I am a blessed man to have a wife like this. I hope to grow in my generosity so that I can be more like Debbie.

Virtual Interview

October 12, 2007


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I met with Sean and Joop yesterday in Joop’s office in Second Life. Joop was testing his methodology for interviewing subjects in a survey of educators who are using Second Life for teaching and learning. I am at the far end of the table, in the Hawaiian shirt.