Bread for Us

While sitting with the Lord yesterday morning, in prayer for our academic department, and listening in the silence, I was reminded of the story of the feeding of the four thousand, found in Mark, Chapter 8 (The Message).

1-3 At about this same time he again found himself with a hungry crowd on his hands. He called his disciples together and said, “This crowd is breaking my heart. They have stuck with me for three days, and now they have nothing to eat. If I send them home hungry, they’ll faint along the way—some of them have come a long distance.”

4His disciples responded, “What do you expect us to do about it? Buy food out here in the desert?”

5He asked, “How much bread do you have?”

“Seven loaves,” they said.

As you recall, Jesus blessed the bread and some fish that they had, the disciples shared it, and everyone was fed, with leftovers! Afterwards, as they traveled by boat to another place;

16-19Meanwhile, the disciples were finding fault with each other because they had forgotten to bring bread. Jesus overheard and said, “Why are you fussing because you forgot bread? Don’t you see the point of all this? Don’t you get it at all? Remember the five loaves I broke for the five thousand? How many baskets of leftovers did you pick up?”

They said, “Twelve.”

20“And the seven loaves for the four thousand—how many bags full of leftovers did you get?”


21He said, “Do you still not get it?”

Our Lord asks us, “Do you still not get it? I ask for what you have so that we can serve others. You don’t believe that what you have is enough to do what I have asked you to do. I say to you, though, give it, give what you have and le me be concerned about what is enough. Together, we will bless the world. Do what I say and see my grace and providential supply extend beyond your belief and imagination. And then, come with me to our next place of ministry. Don’t argue about who is responsible, I am in control. Do what you can together, now, to bless others, my kingdom come.

Do you still not get it? Trust me, act on what you know and don’t be afraid about what you don’t know. Trust me, I will direct your paths.”

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