All In

Luke 9 is a remarkable chapter. I see it as a three act play, with seven scenes. Each scene is scripted to have an exchange between Jesus and his disciples. Each act has a different focus. Act One deals with Calling. Apprentices to Jesus are called, equipped and commissioned to serve needs in this world. Our own self is our best equipment. While we often believe that we don’t have enough, when we partner with Jesus, we find that we do.


Act Two deals with recognition. We all recognize Jesus to varying degrees, and yet we start with an understanding of Jesus on our own terms. Only through His own grace and agency are we able to grasp a fuller picture of who Christ is and a more complete picture of the Kingdom of the Heavens interlaced with the physical reality we typically see.


Act Three deals with commitment. We learn here that Jesus is “all in” and expects us to be too. Indeed, to carry the poker analogy one step further, we learn that this is a very high stakes game and that there is time but the present to play it.


I encourage you to read Luke 9 soon and reflect on its meaning. I have pulled out several key quote of Jesus (from the Message) found in Act 3 of this incredible drama. Are you listening?


“You become great by accepting, not asserting.”

“Are you ready to rough it? …Follow me.”

“First things first. Your business is life, not death. And life is urgent: Announce God’s kingdom!”

“No procrastination. No backward looks. You can’t put God’s kingdom off till tomorrow. Seize the day.”

I ask myself, “Are you all in?”

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