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Dream, walk, inch, spin.

April 3, 2008

I woke from a dream in which I saw myself standing within a web.  Threads were emanating from a warm and bright center.  I knew at my back was a comforting presence.  As I looked up and out I saw thin lines of light, woven together in rings and ladders, extending out into the darkness in every direction.  I felt comforted, yet afraid.  I wanted to turn back toward the warm light, but was compelled to step outward.  Inching my way out on the thin threads of light, further and further from the center, with a combination of crawling, walking and pulling myself hand over hand; I mover further out. 


That was the dream.  And although what I did not see was you there too, I imagine that you were inching and crawling and stepping along the thin threads of light as well.  And probably if I looked closer I would see that you were actually laying threads down.  Yes, with Christ as our center, we inch out into the darkness, following the paths of light set down by others and laying more for those who come behind.  The kingdom advances as each one of us carries with us the goodness and light from the center of our Creator’s love, moving into areas of uncertainty, confusion and despair.  And whether the threads are human kindness, comfort, admonition, long suffering, laughter, intellectual stimulation or self sacrifice, each of us is adding to the web of life and love that builds upon the Solid Center.