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Choices on a First Day’s Silence

July 17, 2008

Somewhere between Zell and Kirchberg I lost my words
Did I lose my heart, as well?
Did I totally give in to a love that only exists on paper,
As a script for a play barely written and never released?
For a time longed for and yet only a glimmer?

Gritty responsibilities of which civilization is built
Creature comforts and security with peace of mind don’t come cheap
How easy for the “good” man to cave
How much more so, the bad.

But in the end, I suppose
Its all about the choices we make
Who to serve, who to love, who to trust
Who to follow

The script exists, with no time for the playwright
And sorrows come as easily as the gentle rustling of the leaves at dusk
Its not self, its not a system, not an icon, nor a hero
Its Christ calling

I am waiting
for you

I am longing
for you

I am challenging, yes, but accepting
I am just, yet ever forgiving
I am expectant, calling you back
I am waiting, again, today, for you