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September 19, 2008

While traffic streamed, with constant din
Accepted finally, a place of home
Like birds and goats and children’s laughter
Wall of green on distant shore

Quiet, so quiet and yet alive
Sensing peace upon dusk’s approach
With no hurry or need to have
In the midst of possibilities, yet unknown

One hundred or more clicks per hour
Moving swiftly on iron rail
Pulsing notion of mankind’s urgency
Narrow focus and need to know

Calling us home- toward high or backwards
Longing, moving, yes; soaring forth
Expecting nothing but dreams and
Morning’s promise of the highest worth

Now, be constant in your loving
Attending friend’s heart of pain with care
Comforting, quiet time of life’s dawning
Uncertain possibilities, yet totally there


Ordinary Attempts

September 1, 2008

Are you able to pray for me today,

To call upon that God you’re sure of?

Are you willing to stop along the way
Offering of yourself, no cure all?

How many times do you miss the door opening as you pass

Miss the light, the gentle dancing at dawn’s waking moment

Turn back, dear friend, turn back and go

Through distant archway, down brambled lane

O’er light strewn path midst summer shade

Or darkening vistas of coming storm

Cares piled high become despair

‘Less one bring Christ, his love to share

Broken hopes turn anew to trust and care