Simply Taken for Granted?

What is it that your take for granted? How about car doors, gutters and kitchen pipes? If you are like me, you probably do take those things for granted. What would a car be without doors? Exposed to the elements, just like they were one hundred years ago, I suppose.

Gutters, what a wonderful invention. They carry the water off our roof and to a place safely away from our home’s foundation.

Pipes in our kitchen, bring hot and cold water to our sink, for cleaning, cooking and drinking. Other pipes are there to take the water away, out of the sink, out of the house, carrying soil, scraps and bits with it.

I don’t often think of car doors, gutters and kitchen pipes. I simply take them for granted, along with all the other technological solutions that bring to our life convenience, ease and comfort. This past week I did think of these three things. You wonder why? Well, we are in the midst of a thaw after two weeks of very cold, snowy weather. Several days before Christmas, I intended to take the girls to see Grandma Lois and we went out to the driveway in the snow, to get in the van to go. When I went to close the sliding door, it fell off. I was able to prop it on the side of the van, we pulled the other van out of the garage and put the green one in the garage so that the rain and snow did not get in through the unclosed door.

In the midst of the storm, Debbie and the girls saw several of our gutters fall down, laden with ice and snow. I have not gone out to reattach them yet, but that will have to occur soon.

As I sat, catching my breath and contemplating broken doors and downed gutters, Debbie called me into the kitchen. A pipe was broken under the sink and water was pouring out onto the floor. I was able to diagnose the problem, a compression fitting had come apart. I made the repair and cleaned up the water mess.

Each of these three failures of a simple technology caused difficulty and inconvenience for me. Yet, I have been thinking about what these technologies mean for me and my family. How blessed we are to have them and how easy it is to take them for granted.

Let’s face it, what I take for granted in small town Oregon would be considered opulent by many and downright incredible to some. A car door represents mobility, ease and comfort in movement. Within an hour, in my van, I can travel to many spots of natural beauty, visit hundreds of commercial establishments and thousands of homes. I can travel quickly, safely and comfortably in a vehicle, which to many in my town is considered outdated, but is actually a marvel.

A gutter represents stable and safe dwelling for me and my family. Though several gutters are now broken, I know I have the wherewithal to repair them. In the meantime, I sit in a warm dry home with ample space, comfortable surroundings and up-to-date appliances. My children can eat an abundance of food without leaving the house, they can play games and read books and care for pets. We have shelter from the storm and more; we have the means to communicate with those not in our home, we have access to a plethora of media, and we are able to enjoy each others’ company without fearing for our lives, health or security.

That pipe in the kitchen? As much as we complain about the water in our town, it is abundant, safe to drink and relatively cheap. We can cook, clean, drink and wash as often as we like, with no threat of having the water run out.

How many people in this world have limited or no mobility, never leaving an area that they can walk to in a day? How many people in this world are unable to sleep well at night because they are cold, wet and hungry due to lack of adequate housing and nourishment? How many don’t have access to a most basic human right; safe and available water for drinking, washing and cooking?

When it gets right down to it, hurray for broken van doors, downed gutters and busted water pipes.! I have a lot to be grateful for.

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One Comment on “Simply Taken for Granted?”

  1. Carol Campbell Says:

    Yes, so much to be thankful for. I appreciate those that appreciate the “small” things in life.

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