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Heaven’s Hoping

January 31, 2009

There are ones who love will follow
Casting hope ‘gainst ragged need
There are those whose aim is centered
Whose hearts are waiting for release

Some souls dared to trust in goodness
Crawling back from darkness grave
Heaven’s helping, heaven’s hoping,
Heaven’s open in our day

In the brambles, in the morning
Rushing waters remove the gray
Light, the light of heaven’s dawning
Light, O light will find the way


Structures of Past Lessons

January 16, 2009

A warming breeze removed the crust
Of ice and snow that long buried our hope
and need for responsibility.
Yet mounds remained, memorials to diversions,
Short lived yet pleasurable.

Daunting challenges before us set this world apart from the other
But in some alternate universe, challenges bring joy
Made as puzzles, to be solved.

Time sets in before me now and the end of time looms large and stark
No more opportunities, then, for choosing the good, the true, the lovely.
Has there ever been a time I chose the good?
Are the structures of past lessons so constraining
That I really never choose at all?

No, it can’t be- I don’t accept a determined universe.
I’ve hope my thoughts are mine, my will …to serve