Through the Open Door

When we open the door, even a crack, the light comes through and we cannot ignore it. I realize that I ignored an opportunity to participate in an event that would have been quite meaningful and lovely this past week when I did not register for the FWCC meetings that were held at the Canby Grove Conference Center in Canby Oregon.  I could not figure out how to free up my schedule, as I had just returned from a conference several weeks ago and had much to do at my desk.  However, I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Canby, pick up four participants from the conference, bring them to Newberg to attend meeting for worship and then to visit with our family at home for lunch.  We had Harry from Britain, Dudu from South Africa, Valerie from Australia and David from Rwanda.  David had two friends at North Valley, Verna and Hector Munn.  Therefore, he spent the afternoon with them.

After our lunch (fish chili with rice and guacamole), we had a nice visit.  Debbie and Ruth and the younger girls entered into conversation with the Friends from other regions of the world.  I appreciated the brief time we had together, yet I hope that I will have the oppotunity to continue to relate to Friends from around the world, including those I meet in Second Life (which deserves a post of its own).  

I drove the folks through Portland, stopping at the rose garden near the Portland Zoo, which overlooks the city.  In the rain, we got out and walked around a bit.  Then we continued on through Portland to Camp Menucha, where I left our friends so that they could participate in their next set of meetings before returning to their homes.

One of these friends reminded me that I had the opportunity to participate in the meetings through my service of providing transportation and hospitality to them. I now recognize that to the extent that I opened the door, light came in. Our family’s lives were touched by Friends from overseas. I want to continue to reflect on how our lives will be enriched as we seek to open the doors and windows of our lives so that a fuller spectrum of light and perhaps a brighter light will shine into our hearts.

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