What Does Ten Hours on a Plane Feel Like?


However, it is 0800 local time as we have arrived in Amsterdam and are between flights. The Schipol Airport is large and bustling, even at this hour. Eloise and Debbie and Linda have walked off in search of…Paul and I are sitting with the bags next to Juicy Details. Lots of folks getting fresh juice this morning. I could not connect to a network on my computer, but Linda has loaned me hers, as she has Boingo installed, which gives access.

1. Why did Delta show Escape to Witch Mountain with Dwanye Johnson and not Star Trek?
2. How is it that young children don’t seem to know that kicking the seat in front of them affects the person sitting there?
3. How is it that it can be 105 in Newberg last week and only mid 70s in Nairobi?

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2 Comments on “What Does Ten Hours on a Plane Feel Like?”

  1. Julie Green Says:

    Those are some serious questions! Didja get answers yet?

    (Witch Mountain vs. Star Trek? Are you kidding me?)

  2. Judy Deale Says:

    I was that parent with a small child on a plane to Amsterdam who kicked the seat in front. (23 yrs ago.) Give the mom a big smile, she is happy the trip is over!
    Glad you are doing fine…from Grandma Judy.

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