Monday Morning, Milimani Resort, Kisumu

We flew the airline known as Fly 540 from Nairobi to Kisumu. Quite the bottleneck at the check in as the clerk was very careful to weigh each piece of luggage. The waiting area was Spartan, with orange plastic chairs in a big open room. We were called in  person by a young man and walked out onto the tarmac to the waiting plane. It was a turboprop. We flew west to Kisumu. Our party of nine had 16 pieces of checked luggage. One of Eloise’s did not make it. We were greeted my John Muhanji of Friends United Mission along with May and Lisa (a woman from Florida who visits here on occasion to help).. One vehicle hauled our luggage and the other carried the nine of us to the Milimani resort. We checked in, Paul and Debbie wanted to eat, so we went to the resort restaurant and waited an hour for the food to come. Paul had our first portion of ugali, which I actually liked. I dipped a portion of it in a bowl of broth that was served alongside his dish. Debbie had a curry dish, while Paul had chicken. We have a strong internet network here, but no one at the resort can give me the password information that will help me connect.

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