Food for the Hungry Guest House, Kigali

We arrived here last night. We have been away from an internet connection for a few days, as we left Kisumu, flew back to Nairobi and left on Saturday for the Masai Mara. I will describe the trip to the park and our adventures there in greater detail in a more complete post when I am able.

Aryn Baxter, of Food for the Hungry, picked us up at the airport on Monday night. She provided a brief tour of Kigali today, as well as a history and culture lesson today. We passed by the Parliment Building, which is still marked by bullet holes from the horrible events of 1994. We walked around downtown and also drove by the Kigali Institute of Education, where Linda and I present tomorrow.

Aryn and her staff are gracious hosts and we have been made to feel at home here. This appears to be a lovely city. it is quite hilly and seems so different than Nairobi. It is rather humid here, but not too uncomfortable. I had a treat for breakfast today, peanut butter on toast! We conversed with Nathan, who is managing a water reservoir, treatment plant and three rural water districts. His work is in service to the Rwandan people through the auspices of Food for the Hungry.

The guest house staffers are preparing for a group of American students who will arrive several days after our departure. This group of students will spend a semester in Rwanda and Uganda as part of the program called GoEd.

I am quite a bit behind in my uploading of pictures, and I regret that.  This is a very time consuming process, with the need to do some reducing of image resolution to reduce the size of the files and the slower satellite-based internet connections, the uploading takes a lot longer than I expected.

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