Sportsview Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda

Last night, we had a dinner at the Sportsview Hotel, just behind the national stadium and very near to the Kigali Institute of Education (KIE). Linda, Aryn Baxter and I were invited to dinner by our colleagues at KIE.

We were joined by our host, Dr. Celestin Ntivuguruzwa, Director of the Center for Academic Practice and Development; Professor Wenceslas Nzabahrwa, the Dean of the College of Education; and the Vice-Rector of Academics Dr. James Vuningoma. We had met and interacted with these three men during our two days of meetings at KIE. Also joining us for the dinner were Dr. André Muhirwa, the Director of Academic Quality and Francoise Murerwa, the Director of finance.

We had an enjoyable dinner meeting and had fruitful discussion. I became somewhat ill upon arriving and was not that hungry. However, the food was good, and seemed to be French-influenced. My queasy stomach lasted into the night, though by now I am feeling quite a bit better. I had a fish fillet with mushroom gravy, which was quite tasty.

We discussed a number of possibilities and by the end of the conversation, we agreed that we would move ahead with formulating a memo of understanding. Linda reminded us that she would be responsible to discuss with our provost the possibilities and needs and I was asked to work directly with Wenceslas and Celestin on particular initiatives dealing with teacher preparation, academic leadership development and lecturer development.

Linda and I delivered a public lecture on Wednesday afternoon. We had about 100 in attendance, mostly students and some faculty members. Wenceslas hosted us and moderated the question and answer period that followed. Our lecture was on guidance and counseling at George Fox University. We spoke for about 75 minutes and then interacted with the audience for another hour. We received many challenging and thoughtful questions, including some related to politics and structural issues in Rwandan education. Other questions centered on theory and practice of advising and guiding students.

On Thursday afternoon, Linda and I presented a workshop on preparing educators and educational leadership. This workshop was presented to a cadre of lecturers in a post-graduate development program, sponsored by the Center for Academic Practice and Development. We had lecturers from KIE and the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology in the group. The group interacted well with us and we had many questions from the participants. I very much enjoyed our work. The Vice Rector gave some closing remarks, which were very gracious and complimentary. I presented a copy of Joan Wink’s book to Celestin, and I gave Wenceslas my copy of Democratic Teacher Education Reform in Namibia and a copy of our worksample handbook.

Linda is now on her way home, through Nairobi, London and Amsterdam. Paul and Debbie are in the north of Rwanda today, in search of gorillas. I am thankful to have a quiet day, collecting my thoughts and resting. I spoke with Brad Carpenter this morning and he left messages for me for Dave and Debbie Thomas, and for David Bucura. We hoped to meet them all on Sunday. I learned from Brad that he and his wife will be going out of town to celebrate their first anniversary!


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One Comment on “Sportsview Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda”

  1. kipkorir Says:

    we also had a very good experience at Sportsview hotel, the poolside barbeque was the best!!!!! everybody is friendly and timely in service, kudos!

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