Pedal Power and Electric Power

I think that today I am fairly well adjusted to the time change for me here in Kigali.  I slept late, had brunch and went for a walk.  From about 11 to 5, the power was off here in our neighborhood.  I found some Kenyan corn meal in a store and will be able to bring some home for Ruth’s co-worker to make ugali. I know that I am adjusting to the food a bit, but I am doing fairly well in that department as well.  I visited with Xavier, one of the security fellows at the guest house, and realized that English is not very prominent here, as of yet.  Ida, who is traveling tomorrow for Uganda, has an eleven year old son who she hopes to enroll in a Ugandan school soon as she is not pleased with the lack of competence of the English instructors here in Rwanda.  Ida runs this house and is a very capable and kind woman.  She sends her regards to Debbie and Paul, who she met in August.

On my walk I bought some air time for the phone I am using.  I have tried calling home several times, but I can’t get it to work internationally.  I am sure that my kids will say it is like the remote control and I am just not holding it right. I was able to make several local calls, and spoke with Heri and with David Bucura and with Vianney, the President of the Rapid Bicycle Club of Kigali.  Vianney gave me a tour of the national stadium, Amahoro,  here in Kigali.  The stadium was built before the genocide and in fact was used as a base by UN forces during that time.  I was glad to get the tour and was actually astounded that they let me in.  Vianney showed me the football pitch, administrative offices and his office.  In it he had five rather dilapidated bikes.  He had a vision to work with kids and get them into biking, but bikes are very expensive here.  In a recent international event hosted by Rwanda, the national cycling team finished third behind Holland and Morocco.

I will accompany David to church tomorrow and am looking forward to that.  I have asked to attend both the English and Kinyrwandan meetings. I’ve got a lot of learning to do!

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