I Saw the Lord Today

The black-skinned youth in the soccer jersey, laughing with mates on his way home
And again I saw God in the outstretched hands
Of my new friend, Mariette,
Offering to share a meal

Jesus, I saw you in the note of love and recognition                                                                                                                                                                                    I received from home in an email
And in the soft laughter of Celestin
and his words of instruction in Kinyarwandan

I heard the voice of Christ today

The shop keeper’s greeting, “the bread is still warm”.
The guard’s, “God Bless you”,
And the earnest conversation (in French) amongst my new friends,
The peace makers

I see you acting in my heart as

My confidence is tested
My patience is tried
My comfort is dashed
My connections are severed

Yet you are here as well

The smile of a cabbie,
The song of the magpie and
The incredible light of day, over the hills of Kigali
Sparkling, shimmering, glowing light
May your people glow with such light

The day is over, the day is new, the night is come
Yet the promise of another day looms, with you
Your voice, your hands, your presence is now

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