On The Road Again

Or, actually, in the air.

My colleague Eloise Hockett and I leave tomorrow on a journey to Bungoma, Kenya. Bungoma is in the Western Province, near the border with Uganda. Go here to read more about this town.  This is my third trip to Africa in the last eight months.  I guess that being on sabbatical does give one the opportunity to invest time in a different manner, but I must admit, in my wildest dreams, I would have had no idea that I would be in Africa so much in such a short time span.

I am less excited about this trip than my previous ones.  And even though I have more experience, I have less certainty as to what I will do and how I might react to circumstances.  This is not a bad thing, mind you, it is just reality.  Eloise and I are going to support the Friends educators who are implementing a peace and reconciliation curriculum which our School of Education personnel have been supporting over the last eighteen months.

Our route will take us from Portland, Oregon through Amsterdam and then on to Nairobi.  From Nairobi, we will travel to Kisumu, on the northern shore of Lake Victoria.  From there, we will travel by car to Bungoma. I will have opportunity to stop off in The Netherlands for two days on my way home, so that I may visit with friends there.

Eloise issued a particular challenge and encouragement to me as we prepared for this trip.  She told me that we need to adopt a sense of fluidity, which goes beyond flexibility.  I will be fluid.  Who knows, I might even do a little shopping while I am in Kenya!  I am ready and God is able, therefore, I will be prepared to listen, to speak, to observe, to offer and to receive.  I will open myself up in such a way that I will be used for purposes that go beyond my own, and I pray that I will have patience, insight and creativity.

Thanks to all of my colleagues and friends who have wished us well and who have offered to support us in prayer as we travel.  I am glad for this opportunity and hopeful that I will learn and grow as a result. I pray God’s hand of protection on my family while I am gone and am thankful for my wife and children being supportive of my work in this regard.

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2 Comments on “On The Road Again”

  1. Janelle Olivarez Says:

    May you go with the flow and find wonderful surprises and opportunities around every twist and turn. Notice the little things and be yourself.

  2. Gayle Denham Says:

    Eloise says it well! An attitude of fluidity that goes beyond flexibility. My prayers go with you as you assume the role of ambassadors of God’s reconciliation.

    We have a number of teachers here in Kidaho that are interested in advancing their education in the field of education. I came to your blog searching for the institute in Kigali where you have visited on prior trips. Blessings on you and your ministries Scot.

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