Aslan Pays a Visit

It is Tuesday morning in Kisumu. The night was hard for me. In spite of my fatigue or maybe as a result of it, I slept in fits and starts. Early this morning, a migraine came on. I was able to head it off with my medication and a warm shower. I do feel refreshed this morning and am grateful for a comfortable place and friendly people. Last night, at dinner time, Jim brought their two cats inside. He told us that for their own protection, the cats were kept in the house at night. I asked him what was he protecting the cats from, dogs and cats? Not animals, he told us, but people. It seems that Caspian, the male cat, who has some black fur, was taken several times and had his fur cut off. Local practitioners of witchcraft value black cat hair as an important ingredient in their craft. After several occasions of Caspian being taken for his hair, the Grace family has decided to keep the cats in at night. Aslan, a female, and quite a bit smaller than her litter mate, came to visit me this morning. She is quite friendly and has no apprehension of me, as does Penguin, our female cat at home. See, Penguin, there are some cats that like me!

The morning sounds of cooing doves and the chirping and signing of other birds, as well as the low murmur of a radio announcer and some occasional kitchen sounds greet me. During the night, while I was struggling with an oncoming headache, I had doubts about my reasons for being here. This morning, feeling much more refreshed and at peace, I take the time to pet Aslan and read out of the Book of James. I am thinking about our God and my recognition of God’s working in my life and in the lives of those around me. What a marvelous opportunity we have been given, to not only observe life, but to participate in it. James suggests that our belief in God implies a state of thought, as well as our conduct. I reflect this morning on how I see God, and what my own actions tell me about my belief in God. I am glad for the opportunity to listen and learn daily. I am thankful for one more opportunity to be in Kenya and to become a part of a different rhythm of life than I am accustomed to in Oregon. I want to accept what comes this day as opportunity for growth and blessings, both for me and those I interact with.

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One Comment on “Aslan Pays a Visit”

  1. It is so gratifying to be getting these words from Africa. I remember praying with you after you expressed a sense that God might be leading you and your family in that direction. All that has transpired since has confirmed that you are on that path. Who would have guessed that you would be able to visit with such frequency.

    I appreciate your narratives here. I find them moving/inspiring.

    We are all lifting you daily in prayer. Be safe. Learn. Report.



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