Delft and Den Hague

On Monday, Joop took me to Delft and The Hague by car.  Both of these cities are much older than Rotterdam in their layout and architecture.  Rotterdam was very heavily bombed during World War Two and the core city was mostly rebuilt after that.  In these other two cities, I saw many old buildings.  In Delft, we went to visit two very old churches.  Both now have small gift shops and seem to be primarily tourist attractions.  In the newer church, many members of the Dutch royal family are buried.  I received a mini-lesson today from Joop on Dutch history as we visited the churches.  From Delft, we traveled to The Hague, which is the location of the Dutch Parliment and ministerial offices.  The government buildings were grouped together around a very old central building which was the original chamber.  We had a cup of coffee in a cafe on the main town square and later had chips and croquettes in a lunch place in the commercial district.

This commercial district was mostly accessible to pedestrians only, with street after street of shops and many people walking to and fro.  I suppose in some regard, American planners copy this look when they build some shopping centers in the United States, if you have been to a center with “quaint” shops, and winding, narrow lanes made with blocks or bricks, you will be in a place that has been developed with the European feel.

On Sunday night, Bregje joined us for dinner.  I gave her the Gap hoodie that I had found for her and she was very pleased.  She shared with me her film work in art school.  Both of her parents told me that she was making good progress.  On Monday night, it was only Margo and Joop and I.  We had a sourkraut and potato pie dish which was quite good.  Joop and I discussed his work and our mutual interest in the use of computing technologies in education.

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