Another Journey Looms

I have used this space quite a bit over the last nine months in writing about my travels to Africa and The Netherlands. In about one week, I will be boarding a plane in Portland, on my way back to Rwanda. I am traveling with my friend, Linda Samek, the Dean of the School of Education at George Fox University.

This will be my fourth trip to Africa during this academic year.  In August of 2009, my wife Debbie and my son Paul traveled with me on a three week trek through Kenya and Rwanda.  We traveled with colleagues of mine from the University. In December of 2009, I made a solo journey to Rwanda and was gone about two weeks, visiting the Netherlands on my way there.  In March of this year, I accompanied my colleague, Eloise Hockett on a journey to the Western Province of Kenya.  This upcoming trip will conclude my amazing round of African journeys.

The purpose of this trip is for Linda and me to continue our relationship building with personnel from the Kigali Institute of Education, as well as for me to meet with Quakers in Kigali.  As my sabbatical is about finished at this point, this trip will be the most challenging as far as taking time away from normal job duties chairing an academic department and teaching. It will be a worthwhile trip though, and I have no regrets.  I do hope to have my Nairobi to Kigali ticket through Kenya Air to be issued before I arrive in Nairobi, however.

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3 Comments on “Another Journey Looms”

  1. Gayle Denham Says:

    David Bucera thought you and Linda would be visiting secondary schools in Rwanda during this visit. If that is the case I might see you in Kidaho at ESK. There are a number of teachers at ESK who are interested in undergraduate or graduate training in Education.

    We will be in Kigali over next weekend. I hope we can connect in person. I pray for travel mercies for you and Linda — it is a long trip.

  2. Sean McKay Says:

    Have a safe trip. I’m looking forward to reading about your travels!

    • sheadley Says:

      thanks, Sean. It appears you and your colleagues in IT are in need of safe travels as well, as you implement the new mail system at the university.

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