Back in Remera Again

Jay and I are safely in the Food for the Hungry Guest House in the Remera neighborhood, in Kigali, Rwanda.  We had a very nice visit with Aidah, who came in to say hello and get caught up on my news.  What a pleasure and a blessing for me to have her come in to greet us. Aidah told us that Aryn and the remaining four students from the GoEd program who are still here will be returning to the USA soon.  As a result of a change in ownership of the GoEd program, Aidah is unsure she will have employment or of what type.  As a result of her uncertainty, she has not sent her soon to school in Uganda this year.

Imanuelli picked us up at the airport.  I have asked him to go to the airport on Monday night to get Tom and Linda.  I hope that I am able to get Jay out to visit some schools later today.

The night is still and I am reflecting back on lovely times with friends in Kigali.  What a blessing it is, at the end of a very long trip by air to sit in the comfort of this friendly house, being greeted by the dogs, as well as my friends and trusting that God will bring the people and experiences to us today that are intended for our edification.

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