Ecole Secondaire Kidaho and other Good Places

Yesterday we traveled north out of Kigali. About three hours later, we arrived at Ecole Secondaire Kidaho (ESK). In researching this entry I came across a blog of a woman doing work in Rwanda.  You may want to do some additional reading here

ESK is a Friends School.  There are over 800 students at the school, with 75% of those being boarders.  Matt and Gayle Denham, from Oregon are living at the school and working as English teachers for the teachers here and a nearby primary school.  We had a wonderful visit of both schools, had lunch with Gayle and Matt and got to speak with administrators and teachers of both schools.  We did two classroom observations at the primary school, one an English lesson and the other a science lesson on the water cycle.

At ESK, we greeted several groups of students.  it seemed that there were about 50 students in each room.  The conditions in these schools were similar to those that we encountered in the Western Province of Kenya.  Electricity was available at ESK, but there were no lights on in the classrooms.  An automobile wheel mounted on a wooden stand in the center of the courtyard of the school served as the school bell.  When it was time to pass, a teacher or administrator would strick the wheel with a rock.  Rocks were plentious, as we were at the base of a volcanic mountain.  This is the region of Volcanoes National Park, the area where the mountain gorilla lives.  This is the area made famous in the movie, “Gorillas in the Mist”.  It is also the area, very close to the Ugandan border, where the RPF, now the ruling party in Rwanda, hid out and prepared attacks against the previous government during the time of strife and genocide in 1994.

Matt and Gayle treated us to lunch at a local restaurant.  We had brochette, or as I would commonly refer to as “meat on a stick”.  The meat was goat, and it was grilled to perfection!  We also had cooked banannas, and they were quite tasty.  Lunch was accompanied by Fanta sodas.  The meal for the eight of us came out to about twleve dollars USD.

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