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Going Out Again

September 26, 2012

We are preparing for another trip to Africa. Tomorrow morning Debbie and I get on a plane in Portland.  Nine hours later we land at Schipohl in the Netherlands.  This begins my next African adventure.  Five days in the Netherlands for Debbie and me, followed by another 12 days in Africa for me, mostly in Kenya with a brief visit to Rwanda on the way home.

I’ve got much to think about regarding this trip.  This will be the first time that Debbie has had a chance to meet my friend Joop and his family.  This will be Debbie’s first trip to Europe.  On Monday next, Debbie will return home and I will meet colleagues at the gate in Amsterdam to fly on to Nairobi.  We will spend the night in Nairobi and then fly on to Kisumu, on the northern shores of Lake Victoria. From there, Linda, Tom, Andrea and I will travel north to meet Eloise and John.  Along the way, Tom and I will take a detour to meet Lon and colleagues at the Friends Theological College (FTC) at Kaimosi.  It will be my first visit to FTC.

I expect to post periodically to this blog while I am away.  I am taking a borrowed MacBook with me to aid in that task, as well as keep up on the two courses I am teaching this semester.