The view is fine from the Mid Africa Hotel

It is early afternoon on Friday and I have completed doing some work at a local coffee shop in Kitale, Kenya. My colleagues have gone on today to Kaptama school on Mount Elgon, some 45 kilometers away from here.  I visited the school yesterday and will submit a report on that as time permits and as long as the internet connection holds up.

I am back in the hotel, using a borrowed computer and phone modem.  This bustling city is, in John Muhanji’s words, “a farmers town”.  This region is a very rich agricultural area.  Our colleague, Zadock Malesi, who I first met in 2009 at one of the principals’ meetings we put on for introducing the peace curriculum, called this area, “the granary of Kenya”.  Due to my interest in agriculture and the impending agriculture education project I hope to work on in Rwanda and Kenya, I have a desire to learn more about the crops in this area.

After my colleagues left town, I walked over to the regional headquarters of the Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC). The ADC is a government parastatal, with the mission of assisting farmers through technical consulting, livestock stud services, AI training, seed production and demonstration projects. I walked in unannounced and asked for a visit with the communications officer or another administrator.  I was directed to the office of the technical consultant, John Wycliffee Kimego.  Mr. Kimego graciously gave me his time so that I could learn about the work of the ADC.  I felt quite welcome, and was greeted with “Karibu” by this gentleman and the staffers in his office. I was served tea and we had a delightful conversation!  John also gave me some literature to take with me.  I felt I had taken too much of his time, so I took my leave.

After my visit with John, I walked around the corner to a coffee shop that caters to white visitors.  The Coffee Shop is run by An Australian fellow.  I had a cup of chai and some toast while I worked on emails and touched base with my online courses. I may make it back to the shop later today, but soon, I must go to the rooftop of this hotel, to take in the great view of the area.

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