Onions and Carrots

I’ll go to the market for onions and carrots, but souvenirs? Aidah agreed to take Eloise, Debi and John to the market this morning.  Last night, they invitedaidah me to go, but when I discovered they were going to the craft market, I kindly declined the invitation.  I will say that going to the craft market in Kigali is quite a bit more tame than going to the market in Kigali or Kisumu in Kenya. However, I am saving my souvenir shopping for later in the trip.

On my last visit here, Celestine took me to the farmer’s market on the way back from seeing a friend.  This was my kind of market, kind of like going to Fred Meyer in Newberg!  All kinds of foods and household items, clothes, tools and you name it.  Better than Freddy’s though, there are all kinds of helpful people at each sales booth, eager to help you make a selection.  Onions and carrots, or a full sack of grain, no problem! Even better than buying meat at Freddy’s, you can go to the butcher stall in the market here and have the fellow carve your portion right off the side of beef hanging in front of you, wrap it and hand it to you on the spot.

Local-market I am sure my friends will enjoy their visit to the market.  I hope that their families will enjoy the gifts that they receive when my friends return home.  I wonder what the Transportation Safety Administration and the Customs officials are going to say about my onions and carrots?

Post Script: On our way to the north, my friends Debi and Eloise shared photos of their market visit.  They had photos of beautiful fruits and vegetables!  I guess I could have gotten my onions and carrots after all.

By the way, if you want to get a feel for the energy and atmosphere of the market, listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7_vNpVXubA

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