Our Dinner with Nasser

It was a Newberg kind of night here in Ramallah.  It was a zip up your jacket, turn up the collar and bend into the rain, kind of night.  The locals are pleased for the rain and I am reminded of home.  They tell me that since the big snow storm in December there has been no rain. It was a one hundred year storm, with as much as three feet of snow in some areas of Israel and Palestine. The rains have returned, however.  I have returned from dinner and am staying in an apartment next to the gymnasium where the Senior Prom is going on for Ramallah Friends School.  A very loud combination of American and Arabic Pop is streaming up and out of the gym.  Nasser asked me if I was going to Prom, I told him no and he said, “Yeah, cause you don’t have a date”.

Elizabeth and I went out with Nasser, an international (American) teacher here at the Friends School.  Nasser is from the Chicago area, so it is only fitting we went back to the restaurant run by the man who was a Chicago chef back in the States. I had chicken shawarma.  Nasser and the restaurateur had an engaging conversation in Arabic.  We learned from Nasser that there are many Palestinians in the Chicago area.  We had a very good conversation about Friends, Palestinians, Christian living and the Ramallah Friends School.  I really benefited from this conversation and feel fortunate to have eaten at the Old Chicago Grill (my made up name) for a second time during this brief visit.

Ah, the music! I must admit that its kind of a catchy refrain, but I can only take it so many times:

So wake me up when it’s all over
When I’m wiser and I’m older
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn’t know I was lost

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